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    I'm just throwing this out there as a matter of conversation. Considering the Garnet OS network libraries and issues with connectivity across Treo devices, I'd rather just put this out there and see what could be possible.

    My idea is (somewhat simple): an address book that has "online presence" similar to an instant messaging application. The closest program that does this right now is Jaiku (web service/app and app for Symbian devices). Instead of just having static contacts, there would be icons beside the contact that would indicate whether they were available/busy/not available, in your locality (city, state, cell tower), and how they'd like to be contacted (any/voice/SMS/email).

    Why (because this makes no sense otherwise): being able to communicate with one another is one aspect of our devices that we willingly do, but knowing what is the best way to communicate is a crap shoot. My thinking is that a living phone book would not only lead to more fruitful communication, but also give way to other aspects of communication that would be great if they were used, but are currently beyond the mindset of most users. IM isn't. IM is simple, icon driven, and 'becomes' a part of who you are. Leveraging this aspect in one's phone book could help make that transistion to using other web/mobile/presence apps such as calendars, maps, etc. Or just in general cut down on some of the communication spam that we tend to all want less of.

    Considering most of the rest of Garnet is pretty much perfect, I think that having a 'living' address book could go a long way to actually using our devices as communicators, not just landmarks that [possibly] lead to communication events.

    I've posted ideas on this here and here if you are interested in the breadth of my thinking on this.

    If there are any programmers who are looking to do such a neat app, Jaiku has a API that could possibly be exploited for use with Garnet.
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    This is a great idea if one can implement!
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