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    Hey all, I have all kinds of issues (like automatic reboots) with certain applications like kinoma and a few others on my 700p. Assuming I have all the nonstandard applications saved onto my hard drive, whats the best way of making sure all my applications work like they used to? I was thinking about doing a normal sync of all my data (except my backups folder), doing a hard reset, and then reinstalling each program individually. What do you think? I know my text messages are saved in the backups folder and needs to be backed up seperately, but is there anything else I may be forgetting? Or do you have a better way?
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    A hard reset - normally the last resort. If you do decide to do a hard reset and reinstall each individually, make your first application an installation monitor - Uninstall Manager is a good one that is well supported -

    Renaming the backup folder to something like OLDBACKUP makes sense and that will keep the system from reinstalling anything other than the PIM files.

    This also presents a great time to ensure you are installing the latest updates.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely look into the uninstall manager. Do you think it would be worthwhile to wait until the MR update before I do the hard reset?
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    Nah, if you are wanting to do the hard reset, do it now. Make sure you rename the backup folder, get the latest releases and your registration codes. Then install the installation monitor and after that, install the applications one at a time. I would also install a device based backup application such as Resco Backup or NVBackup and Reset Doctor. Automagical management of the DB cache is worth the small expense of Reset Doctor.


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