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    (Disclaimer: I currently have a Sanyo 8300 and a Tungsten E. So this upgrade makes perfect sense for me. No, i can't wait until the next Treo comes out (Linux) as I have a pressing business need (got a promotion) to have my phone and my calendaring, contacts, etc. in one form factor, with the added bonus of all the supporting apps available...)

    I see that the 755p has DocumentsToGo 8.0. As you know the latest version is 10.0. Since the 8.0 version is installed in ROM, can it be upgraded to 10.0? or am I stuck with 8.0?
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    You should be able to upgrade the version, but you'd have to pay for it. It won't reside in ROM, but should work great. That's what I'm planning on doing when I get my 755p this Friday.
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