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    My treo thinks I have a wired headset instead of allowing the bluetooth to connect.

    I have a new car with two very nice features: an AUX connector for an mp3 player and a handsfree Bluetooth speakerphone.

    I can initiate and receive Bluetooth calls on my treo through my carís system. I can also plug my treo into the AUX jack to listen to music. The problem is that I canít do those two things at the same time.

    When the AUX jack cable is plugged into my treo, the Bluetooth wonít work because it thinks itís connected to a WIRED headset. If I initiate a call from my treo, you can hear the conversation over the speakers in the car, but that sound is coming through the wired connection, not the Bluetooth. It's using the microphone on the Treo which is hidden in the center console -- not good.

    If I unplug the cable to the treo, everything works fine. My music will pause while I'm on the phone and continue when the call ends. It's just that I have to physically plug back in the cable after the call.

    Any solutions out there?
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    Try Freedom..see if it works. I know there is an option in Freedom that allows you to redirect audio output.
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    If you have your jack plugged in, you hear the sound through the car. But can you be heard from the bluetooth mic? The reason I ask is because the jack probaby doesnt have a mic pickup, so your Treo still needs an input. I stumbled upon this nifty feature awhile ago when I was listening to my music through an FM transmitter (no fancy built-in BT like yours) and a call came through. I decided to answer it with my BT and the audio came through the speakers but my input came through my BT. I want to replicate that first, but I lost my 2.5 t0 3.5 adapter. See if they can still hear you when you have it plugged in...maybe you dont need a solution!
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    Quote Originally Posted by linc View Post
    Try Freedom..see if it works. I know there is an option in Freedom that allows you to redirect audio output.
    True, Freedom allows you to redirect ALL audio output through the 2.5 jack, but the input audio is unaffected by Freedom. Sounds like the solution they are looking for is to control where the audio goes even when the jack is plugged up...not an option as far as I know.

    Maybe SAG will help because you can stream the entire audio through BT and be done with the jack altogether.
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    I bought Freedom years ago to use with my Treo 600. I'm going to install it tonight on my 680 and give it a try. Great idea.

    There is an interesting option to redirect audio to the speaker after a certain amount of time after it rings. The idea is that if your Treo was sitting on a table with the headset plugged in, you wouldn't hear it ring. Freedom will switch to the speaker automatically so you would hear the ring. I'll set it for 1 sec. and see if that will disable the wired headset completely.

    I have also emailed the Freedom developer. He said he would look into the problem and see if there was a possible software solution that he could put together. That would be amazing.

    The SAG option won't work in my car because the car's bluetooth doesn't support A2DP. I have a Toyota Prius.

    I did a test with the bluetooth and I can confirm that when I answer the phone, it uses the microphone on the Treo, not on the car. I did a test with some people and they could hear me, but barely.

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. I'll post an update with my Freedom results.
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    Please keep, us updated!
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    So I did my testing over the weekend. I couldn't get any of Freedom's features to help my situation. So I'm back to square one. This is the procedure that I am currently using to answer the phone while listening to a podcast:

    1. I'm listening to a podcast with or pocket tunes
    2. A phone call comes in
    3. I make sure my treo is in speaker mode
    4. I answer the call on the treo (they can't hear me)
    5. I unplug the AUX cable to my car
    6. I press the [menu]+[B] to connect to bluetooth
    7. I can now use the speakerphone in the car
    8. Once the call ends, my podcast will continue on the treo speaker
    9. I then replug in the treo with the AUX jack and I'm back to listening through the car's speakers.

    That's a lot of steps and handling the treo while driving.

    Hopefully Toysoft will be able to come up with some kind of solution. I'm going to do a little more testing with the mic input on my treo. While testing Freedom, the mic on the treo would not work at all when the cable was plugged in. I thought that with my earlier testing it did work. I guess if I can confirm that the mic does work since I have uninstalled Freedom, I might be able to position my treo in a way that people could hear me when talking on the phone. This would bypass bluetooth entirely. I was keeping my treo in the center console, but maybe if it was in the front cup holder it would work better.
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    I'm surprised that the AUX cable is recognised as a wired headset. I thought that the hardware checked the impedence across the pins to determine what kind of device is connected.

    I have used this setup without issue on my 700wx / Nissan Versa combo. I can listen to music/internet radio on the treo and when a call comes in, it switches entirely over to bluetooth.

    Before I got my car, I did do some playing around with the 2.5mm jack and bluetooth on the device. On the 700wx, what you connect to the device affects how it behaves with bluetooth. If it thinks you connected a headset w/mic device, it overrides the bluetooth HSP. Using it with a Seidio 2-in-1 device also causes bluetooth to be overridden. But, I took the treo into radio shack and played around with the device plugging it into all of their stereo systems with an AUX in and found that it does what you would want it to do.

    It could be OS/software differences between Palm OS and WM5, but you might also want to investigate some of those 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapters with the impedence matching hardware in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebu2 View Post
    It could be OS/software differences between Palm OS and WM5, but you might also want to investigate some of those 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapters with the impedence matching hardware in them.
    Thanks Steve for your help. I did go to Radio Shack and purchased an adapter that was 2.5mm mono thinking that might make the Treo believe it wasn't a headset, but that didn't work. I'll need to go back down there now and look for impedence matching adapters.

    You give me hope that it works with your 700WX. I'll keep trying.


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