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    I tried that POS versamail with exchange activesynch for like a week and had nothing but problems.

    So over the weekend I signed up with my hosting provider to use goodlink.

    I installed it and I'm happy. I'm not offended that it took over the contacts list etc.

    My question is what's going to happen next time I sync the thing via a cable to my pc? Is hotsync going to try and sync the old contacts and calendar to outlook and make a huge mess?

    Assuming that they just sit there- we have over 2,000 contacts at my busines so the palm contacts database is pretty big taking up space. can I safely delete it and the calendar and todos and notes? Can someone aim me to the files to nuke with filez? Alternatively i've been toying with doing a hard reset to get EAS and versacrap off my 700p- so is there anything I need to do to keep hotsync from trying to put those databased back on (I guess just set the conduits to do nothing?)

    thanks for the help in advance.
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    What I would do is to do a hard reset and then install goodlink.

    If you delete your contacts now, and then hotsync, you will delete them off your outlook (and then exchange).
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    that's what I was afraid off- nuking them all by accident.

    If I do a hard reset will hotsync attempt to reload them from outlook to the palm? (I assume I can just set those conduits to do nothing?)
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    Not too familar with the palm OS, but after you hard reset and modify the hotsync settings to NOT sync things from outlook, then yes, that should be ok.

    In Activesync, it is a simple check box for the mail box and items.

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