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    ok so I had to do a Hard reset today after my Verizon 700p would reset itself everytime wireless-sync would attempt to connect to the server. I am really getting tired of this phone... Has anyone been able to swap theirs out for another phone... maybe I would be better off with the 700wx or the Motorola Q....

    I love the phone, just that it flakes out too often...
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    Call Verizon...ask for a supervisor, be polite, yet firm and they will send you a "W".
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    The "W" has its own set of problems also. Are there any other problems other than the wireless sync?

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    Do you use the wireless sync, or did it just start trying to connect?
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    Well the Problems that I have:

    1) Lags when wireless sync is doing it's thing
    2) Lags with SMS
    3) My Bluetooth headset unpairs at random, but I noticed it unpars almost everytime wireless sync syncs with the server
    4) I have had to hard reset it like 5 or 6 times in the 3 months I have owned it
    5) The automatic reset problem described here
    6) Wireless syncs servers randomly cannot connect to my POP3 account resulting in HUGE lags in receiving e-mail (up to two hours)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    The "W" has its own set of problems also. Are there any other problems other than the wireless sync?

    What are the W's problems?? If they will not impact me it might be a better option.
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    Well it went into an endless loop again this morning... this time right after I received an SMS message.... A Hard reset cured it... I placed a call to VZ Customer Service to complain... They offered a replacement... I passed telling them I wanted to wait till the update.... I am really starting to wonder if I should just get another device... I have not really lost data, as a sync recovers it, but the resets, and BT issue is getting annoying...

    My primary reason for the TREO is the PDA/Phone combination... Is this really my best option...? Would a blackberry be better??? I primarily use Contact, Calendar, SMS, and E-mail...occasional Web, but that is probably because Blazer is not the greatest browser... stable BT is also a must as I spend 2+ hours in a car.
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    I did, been a hard core palm junkie since the palmIIIc, I was able to get verizon to switch my 700p out with a ppc6700...I am still loving it, it's not perfect, but when I have to reset I know why, none of this spontaneously reset while you receive a pix message stuff. Maybe the rom will fix things, but I got sick of them saying there is nothing wrong over and over while they knew different. There attitude (Palms) made me switch and I am sooooooo glad I did. Over a year of Beta testing was infuriating.
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    The blackberry 8800 is looking pretty nice for what I need... Every day that passes I am leaning more and more toward it...
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    Have you ever used a W handheld? The entire thing is a whole set of problems. It is a more annoying version of desktop windows and hardly seems even scaled down in terms of size to be designed for a small screen. My boss got one and I tried to help him set it up. Most counterintuitive piece of junk I have ever seen. To set up email, it said to click a button on the screen that did not exist. Browser made no sense. Everything took many more clicks to do than on a palm. As bad as the Palm OS 5 is after so many years, it is sadly actually light years ahead of the windoze CE or whatever it's called this week.

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