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    I had some problems syncing my treo to my powerbook g4 and want to uninstall the palm desktop software so I can start over and re-install it. I just tried it and it re installed it instead of uninstalling. i'm confused, there is no option to uninstall in the software.
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    My understanding of how macs work is you just dump the apps folder in the trash.
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    I have ths similiar experience. I use the Tre650 and also installed the Palm DeskTop, which was download from Palm (PalmDesktopMac421Revd.dmg). Now I want to uninstall it. But when I dump the Palm folder in the trash, the system shows " Transport monitor is using". Therefore, I couldn't complete the delete of palm desktop.

    The PalmDesktopMac421Revd.dmg dosen't include the uninstall part. I have tried to serach the answer in the Palm Website, but it seemed to be unanswered.

    Who knows how to uninstall the Palm desktop in MAC? Thank you....
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    The error you are getting is because Transport Monitor is running in the background, and automatically starts up in the background every time your system restarts.

    To delete it, you need to go to System Preferences->Accounts (or Users)->Login Items and then remove Transport Monitor from the list.

    Do a restart, and try to delete again.

    Also I'd do a search, because there are some preference files located in various Library/Application Support directories that will not be cleared out in this manner. In addition, there is the Palm directory normally located in "Documents" that you may or may not want to remove.
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    Thank you for your help! It really worked after I followed your suggestion. I also found another resolution to delete the Palm desktop. It is to compress the "shift" in keyboard when the MAC-OS is restarting. The system will enter the Safe mode and the Transport Monitor wouldn't run in this environment.

    However, it is necessary to perform what you mentioned because to remove the items which starts up with OS starting and other preference files in the various directories.

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