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    I am looking into buying a 8gb sdhc card from newegg. Sorry has to be newegg they have better return policy.

    I am looking for people who have first hand experience with multiple brands and the most reliable 8gigger. Personally, I suspect alot of these cards are repackaged of the same make. But there are still tougher ones and more fragile ones.

    My 2GB AData and 4GB AData cards for example, were very fragile. I have replaced 2 of them and its not fun despite the lifetime warranty. As I am typing this I just realized my the plastic "separators" between the metalic pins on my 2GB AData are coming out! Jesus I haven't used it for a long time what the?!

    Somebody, please give some insight on the build quality of these cards!
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    I know on some of the Pro photography forums, they rate speeds and duability of both the Sd & Cf cards, the one forum I know of is, not sure of spelling.
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    OK I guess I will ask dpreview forum then.

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