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    I have had similar issues. Don't know why. If I keep trying it eventually works but that might be 7 times.
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    I have Sprint, and I can not download the provisioning file even after using the same technique by saying I had a compatible phone. When I click on the link to download the program I can not access the file. Can someone please post the provisioning file to this forum so I can install the Citi Mobile App?
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    Would like to have the provisioning file too. SMS link is dead.
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    File won't help. The app now gives an XML error. I think its no longer supported.

    There is a new Sprint MyMoneyManager app that works with Citibank, PayPal and other places but I can't get access to the jad or jar. Anyone have it and can post it?
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    You don't need the app now. Just go to from the phone. Works fine, even with Blazer. Maybe it's prettier, and a little quicker, with the app, but I think all the functionality is here.
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