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    For some reason after I did a sync on my powerbook G4 with the treo 700p, my computer's firefox wasn't displaying online pages normally. They were in mini mode or some type of weird format- like on the treo if you accessed the web there. So i restarted my computer thinking that would fix it and now ALL my computer's info is gone except for what was on my treo! itunes, iphoto, receiptwallet, ichat, Mail, - empty. It's like I'm starting the computer for the first time. I didn't even have the treo connected at the time!!
    Can anyone please help- I'm in tears over this.

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    Wow, I have never heard of that happening! Did you maybe go into another user profile (I haven't messed with that stuff on my Mac, but I know it's there). Use Spotlight to see if the files are still in there somewhere, that will help you to start figuring out what happened.
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    I had changed the user name on my mac I guess and when i re-started the computer, it didn't recognize it. Everything is back to it's normal state now Thanks!

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