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    I saw an ad on treocentral for igolfgps v3.0 so here's a little review.
    I've played 1 course (bethpage blue) with it so far on my 700p and here's a summary of what I think.

    -Relatively Cheap
    -No subscription fees
    -Accurate distances to front center and back.
    -They care about their customers, but their staff is a little small so sometimes it can take a while to get a response.


    -No option to turn off the screen without sleeping and when you use their auto-sleep feature, the BT disconnects (could be treo 700p related). I also haven't tried using 3rd party software like zlauncher to turn off the screen to save battery life but they should really fix the sleep feature, tho I am hopeful it will resolve itself after the big patch.

    -Bluetooth gets fubar upon exiting the app or receiving a call. Must hard reset to get it working again. Again, could be palm's fault, hoping patch will fix.

    -Other golf gps solutions like skycaddy, while expensive, give you coordinates of hazards and a picture of the green; igolf only gives you front back center and force you to program ur own hazard coordinates. They can make their program 100000x more valuable by including the coordinates of hazards -- all they have to do is offshore some work to soem guy who can use google maps to map hazards on popular courses.

    -There's no community to discuss igolfgps and no where to find ppl who might have mapped a course you play.

    -Need to purchase separate gps receiver (not that bigga con since I get a nav out of it too)

    -Phone calls interrupt the program without warning and you can lose ur scores if you are using that feature

    -The core functionality has not improved since v1.0 of this software. I don't need fancy stuff like score cards and shot distance tracking. I just wanna know how far I am from hazards and greens. The upgraded interface in v3.0 shows that it may be possible in the future for them to add pictures of every single hole. I would pay a lot of money for these features if they ever decide to invest in it.
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    It sounds like the app is kind of half-arsed.
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    Just wondering if you meant there is a annual membership. If you click on Join and GPS icons I get this message. Another question is if you get to keep all the maps if you decide not to renew membership.

    A one (1) year membership to is $29.99 and you will have immediate access to all the features available to members. members receive 50 download credits, which are used to download GPS files for golf courses anywhere in the world. Members also receive 1 mapping credit to request a golf course without GPS to be "mapped". GPS files can be used with any iGolf product and provide distance measurements to the front, center and back of the green.
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    I am looking into the following Golf GPS software: intelligolf, starcaddy, golftraxx, and igolf. I was looking into GolfPS but they are no longer in business. I already have a GPS BT. I have decided to go with iGolf because it has good coverage relative to golftraxx and intelligolf. Starcaddy is nice and would get it only if I play on a nice course (that of course if the course itself does not have GPS). Any thoughts?
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    I have intelligolf and have been happy with it. The 700p sucks compared to my 650 though, it's always getting stuck on the BT connection...

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