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    Update: after MANY hours and a new user profile and an app by app reload. Things are indeed better compared to the 700P--mostly. Unfortunately, my fav medical app--InfoPOEMS is still quite slow compared to my old 600-650, but is faster than the 700p now. Any thoughts? Here is what happened: after hard reset, reinstall desktop, created new username and ONLY loaded InfoPOEMS. Time to load a complicated topic like myocardial infarction was 1 min--still not quick, but better than the 5min + on my 700p. However, as I started taking up memory, things slowed down. I tried adding/subtracting diff med programs but can't seem to isolate one particular one. Today, the loading time for "hypertension" is 2 min, 15 sec vs. 3 min 45 sec--better?!! As we say in medicine, perhaps statistically better, but NOT clinically. I can't wait 2 min for data to come back! My colleagues 680 takes 22 secs to load that topic. He has nearly the same apps as I do as I set up his Treo 680 for him. So not sure what to do! I teach my residents alot using this program among others--most of them are OK, or slightly faster on the 755 after my reload last night--including the much larger UpToDate which takes up 1.5 GB of space. Any docs out there know of any direct conflicts b/t InfoPOEMS and anything else? Have worked w/ their customer support in the past and really couldn't figure it out--just blamed it on the 700p! So am going to go ahead and test drive a 750 today from Cingular just to see what kinds of lags I get c that on my medical apps. Was thinking of going WinMob at somepoint this year anyway, but had to give palm another chance. On an unrelated note, am having some weird sound issue with the speaker (not speakerphone) when making calls--sounds tinny. Any thoughts? I swear it wasn't there a day ago. Not using Volume care or anything like that!
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    That's because he's not getting one. Last I heard, he's passing on this one and waiting for the treo 900, I believe.

    I'm sure he'll drop in to lend a tip sometime soon though.
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    I'm talking about Perry by the way in the above post.
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