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    Its amazing really. I would love to see an interivew with a major player at Palm explain why they are so pathetically behind on A2dP support. Did they make a decision that it wasnt important? When you hear rumors of Palms demise this, this is the reason. Perplexing product decisions which leaves thier customers hacking thier devices just to make them acceptable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by contempl8 View Post
    treo 755p- no A2DP- can't believe it. For those that think SAG gets you there, not necessarily if you're using Ptunes and Rhapsody To Go. SAG supports the radio channels but you'll receive errors when you try tapping into music off your SD card due to licensing issues. You'd think they would have gotten it right this time.
    You do realize that this is ptunes giving the error. Ptunes could just do it, BUT, they can't due to their play4sure license not allowing them to. The same problem could just a well exist if palm had built in a2dp support.
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    It's funny really lol I stopped be the Sprint store to check out the 755p. Not to buy lol..I'm WM all the way but just to get a look at the size and the difference in response compared to the 700p-I was a past owner of that hunk of junk.The sprint store rep tried to convince me to drop the wx and pic up the 755p .I started with some basic questions about slingbox ,A2DP,multi tasking...he was how can I say this..dumb..he had no clue yet he loved palm having no idea what he is missing..heck he was trying to sell me on the 700p being the best PDA sprint sold....garnet brainwashed lol.
    The Sprint memo had to say... find the suckers to by the 755p and receive a free 755p....
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