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    Is it just me or is anybody else out there having problems with their car charger staying connected to their Treo?

    I purchased two Sprint car chargers for my 650 and after just a few times, both of them are have a hard time staying connected while I'm driving. There is a lot of wiggle and on each it seems like the charger's male plug is too small for the Treo's female hole.

    If I just pick up the Treo, or even it a hard bump, most of the time the charger pops out. The only way the charger will stay connected is if it just sits on the seat and the ride is smooth.

    I bought the second one after the first one became so bad it was essentially useless but now the second one is having the same problem. Anybody else experienced this or found a charger brand that works well?
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    Mine does that if I pick it up to use it. I always thought it was from the coil pulling back on it. I've had it for over a year. I rarely use it though, just if I happen to go really low on battery and I need it charged.
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    Are you using a real Palm charger or after market one?I tried a cheap after market one and had the same problem so I opted for the Palm one and wow what a better fit.
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    I'm 99% sure it's a Palm original. I bought it on ebay, for a discount, but I believe it came in a Palm package and looked just like the one on the Palm website. There were no markings that indicated it is a Palm charger, though.

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