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    Is there a start-to-finish FAQ/tutorial about setting up bluteooth sync under OS X 10.4.X? I just installed the current Palm Desktop 4.2.1 and am lost.

    Treo 700p. I'd like to get basics working before I investigate 3rd party apps like MissingSync, thanks.

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    I found directions here:

    In brief:

    1. In System Preferences, under 'Bluetooth,' make sure your computer is discoverable (the settings tab).
    2. In the sharing tab, make sure the Bluetooth-PDA-Sync service has the 'On' box checked. Select the service name.
    3. On the right, there is a dropdown box for 'Type:' - make sure that is set to 'RS-232' - not Modem.
    4. Open the HotSync manager and enable the Bluetooth-PDA-Sync sync method and enable connections.
    5. On the Treo, enable Bluetooth, discover the Mac and initiate a HotSync.

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