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    Quote Originally Posted by waterfrontmgmt View Post
    the 650 is NOT an evdo phone. it won't stream internet radio like the 700p or why compare these 2 phones? i don't get it.

    i guess if evdo isn't important to a person, then it would be a mistake to "upgrade" to the 700p.

    maybe palm should release a MR for the 650 that updates internet access to evdo so that all the 650 devotees will be happy.
    Except, we weren't talking about data speeds. The speed of the underlying OS should be independent of that. There are some people who EVDO could be useful for, for who the 700p could be painful to use if the lag hits them badly.
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    Plus, for the 650 to have EVDO, it would need a hardware upgrade to a 3G radio.

    Anyway, back to the ROM discusion.
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    could it be that the reason it took so long for the update is that palm is trying to make it de-customizable? and maybe dun hack-proof as well? just a thought; i am one of the treo users having problems, but realize that constant b****ing will accomplish nothing, i'm not even going to put the update on my phone right away.....i wanna see what other users have to say about it first. at this point a rom update doesn't hold much value to me, but eventually i'll get around to it. are there others who feel the same why? just wondering.
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    Uhackable ROM and no more PDAnet going undetected.....

    With the new MR???

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