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    Ok now... I'm a very happy owner of a new Sprint Treo 755P. I picked it up at the Sprint store in Gurnee, IL on 5/11.

    See my previous thread here:

    Moving my service from my 700P to the new 755P killed the data service on my 700P - no problem here. The thing was that I needed to make sure I had data access on my laptop using PdaNet and my Treo - no problem here either, or so I thought.

    PdaNet was the first application I loaded on my 755P, and to my disappointment, it doesn't work. Nothing but the default Palm OS was loaded when I installed it.

    Upon starting the application, I received the following error message on the 755P's screen:

    "PdaNet Closing: This version of PdaNet only works on Handspring Treo 700P. (Code=134)"

    The only option after this is to exit the application.

    A screen shot can be found here:

    I'll cut Junefabric's some slack since this IS a new phone, and I'm sure they need some time to test and run the application on the newly released Treo. I was seriously under the assumption that the only thing that had really changed was the look and feel of the phone- SOMETHING in the OS is new. My support ticket is already on its way.

    A bit disappointing since I can no longer use the 755P as a modem for my laptop. I'll be patiently waiting for an updated release.

    I'm hoping the upcoming 700P maintenance release doesn't break PdaNet either....

    Just a warning....
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    That error makes me think that it is not necessarily an incompatibility. But rather there is a version check in the code to get the specific device information. If the info returned is anything other than a 700p (in this case) then the app will exit. It's a good way to make sure you pay for an upgrade in software with a new device and to limit problems of running incompatible software/device combinations. I may be wrong and there may be an OS issue, but i'll bet June Fabrics can get a 755 release out very quickly with a little work
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    I wrote PDAnet a few days ago to ask them if the 700p PDAnet would work with the 755. They replied back that the program for the 755 will be out later next week.
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    Good news to hear. I know they had a 700P version out fairly quickly and I'm confident they'll do the same with the 755P.
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    I wonder if they will charge another fee for upgrade now.
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    Count on June Fabrics using this as another opportunity to bleed another $25 "upgrade" fee out of it's paying users. They have consistently done this on every single phone from at least as far back as the 600. I don't have a problem with a developer charging something to allow for their advanced work - BUT - the 755 is basically no different at all from the 700p (except MAYBE the bluetooth will now work) and IMHO if JuneFabrics wants another "upgrade" fee for any minor tweaking they do for this it's extortion. There's another application around that works properly between phones without huge fees, and I think there's even a free hack that disables the "tethering" flag from going to your Carrier. PDAnet is pretty good, but when they are so obviously boning their customers it's time to support more ethical developers.
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    Also on my list of apps not supported on my 755P:

    - Mundu IM 4.0
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