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    i cannot receive this free download becasue i am on t-mobile. any else having the same problems???
    can anyone provide some assistance on how to receive the file??
    thanks in advance.
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    yeah, it wont send to my Treo either.
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    The download kept timing out for me. I simply made note of the full web address on Blazer, and typed it into Internet Explorer. Downloaded it to my desktop and installed via PalmOne Quick Install. Problem solved!
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    what's the URL?
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    I'm on Verizon & was able to get it without much difficulty. Can't seem to move it to my card though.
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    I downloaded it to test on a Verizon Wireless 700p at work, but I don't have a data plan. I tried beaming it with FileZ, and it didn't work, the built in launcher doesn't even see it to beam. I'd appreciate another way to get it....TIA!
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    I am on T-Mobile and I don't get the SMS. The SMS never comes. It seems there no other way to get the Sudoku from Mypalm.
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    anyone willing to tell us the url so we can download it to our computer versus the SMS to our Treo? Purty please.
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