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    Up until today I have been able to access the web/email etc without a problem. But now whenever I go to alot of the fourms/etc. that I used to always visit I get an error of:

    Data Timeout

    The page download could not be completed. Please try again later.

    Grrr what is going on? Is this Spring crappy network or something wrong with my phone.

    I live in the Houston area and can make calls fine. But it's messing with my emails aswell and Im getting beyond frustrated.
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    same thing is happening to me today on verizon. I clear cache and go to a site, next site times out. clear cach and make it to that site. try going back to the first site and it times out, clear cache and get there but you guessed it, try going to another site...
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    Well it's a hacked browser from 2002 on a data network that is almost non-existent. Consider it a feature to teach you how to be a more patient person.

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