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    If you're willing to sign a contract, you need to act. Call retentions. Tell them you're fed up with your 650 and the poor Sprint customer service (ranked the worst in the US) and you are going to Verizon if they don't provide you with an updated phone at a considerable discount. Now's the time to do it....they might have some 700P's around, and they are about to NOT take no for an answer, and if you don't get the right answer, call back and get another retentions person. They are the true power from the customer's standpoint.
    100% correct.
    I was able to swap my 700p for a new 755p at no cost. I just needed to return my 700p to Sprint. I have been with Sprint for 9 years so that may have been a factor. But I just explained how p1ssed I was at Palm - AND NOT AT SPRINT - for releasing a 755p which is a "fixed" 700p and expecting ME to pay for it.
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    wow can one of you guys call retentions for me!??!?! haha. I tried yesterday and they could only give me a $75 rebate off of FULL retail. =(
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