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    Hi all,

    I am new here and would like to thank y'all in advance for any help you could give me. Here's my situation:

    I purchased an Unlocked Cingular Treo 650 from ebay. Seller told me he got the unlock code directly from Cingular. It is able to access my Tmobile SIM, and I am able to make calls and text messaging on the Tmobile network.

    However, I am unable to send/receive MMS or picture messages, nor am I able to access the internet. I have called the TMobile tech support several times - and each time would go thru the settings / configuration for MMS / Internet.... all to no avail. I keep getting a "Connect Error". ("An error occurred opening the network connection").

    My Network settings:
    -Connection = GPRS
    -Username = a
    -Password = Assigned
    -APN =
    -IP Address = Automatic
    -Query DNS = checked
    -Fallback = None

    Firmware: 01.51
    Software: Treo650-1b.17-CNG

    Tmobile Tech guys think the phone is not "completely" there such a thing as "partial" unlock???

    Please help!
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    I thought I read a thread awhile back that it takes some time for T-mo internet settings to take effect. Like 24 hours, maybe? I don't know if it matters that you have Cingular firmware on your device if it's unlocked. It is unlocked if your T-mo SIM card is working for voice calls.
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    The T-mo internet settings were inputted almost 4 months ago.... I just forced myself to live on voice calls/SMS. I was hoping someone on this forum would be able to recommend a solution.

    Do you think I need to re-do an UNLOCK process? (i emailed support and they replied their code would not help since it appears to be already unlocked with the voice calls)

    Regarding the cingular firmware - is there a way to change that? how? to what?

    I am at a loss....
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    There is a way to change the Cingular firmware to the Unlocked firmware, but it's tricky and not for the faint of heart.

    Read a lot and make sure you feel comfortable trying it before you do it. I doubt it would effect your internet settings, though. Maybe if you had T-mo in your thread title, it would draw more T-mo users in to comment.

    These two threads are a good start to customizing your ROM to the Unlocked firmware.
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    Thanks for the suggestion - I cant seem to Edit the Thread Title, so I will just start a new one (and close this).

    Appreciate it....
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    <closed per OP's request>
    New thread:
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