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    I use X1 Desktop Search (similar to Google Desktop Search) which indexes data files on your hard drive, allowing for quick searches for data inside of files. It's a invaluable and frequently used app.

    Problem is...

    I have a good amount of data in my Treo/Palm Desktop...Memos, Tasks, and Contacts, that I would like to locate using a desktop search. The files the Palm data is stored in (memopad.dat, address.dat, etc), is NOT in a format that is indexable/readable.

    Any ideas on how to deal with this? Third-party software? Auto-conversion/auto-export to txt files?
    Sprint Treo 650 with v1.12 & Custom ROM.
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    This isn't a great solution, but you might want to export your Palm Desktop data into a format that X1 can read on a regular basis. Something like .csv will work, at least well enough for you to be able to find the data you need.

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