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    I've installed a program called Nursdiag, after the hotsync was finished, the treo started to reset, the problem is, it just keep on resetting, it goes up to the treo logo then it resets then treo logo then resets over and over again. It just keep on rebooting. I already did the hard reset, and nothing happened.

    Need help for this, cause this is my girlfriend's phone and I haven't told her yet.

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    Are you sure you did a hard reset?

    Hard Reset

    When all else fails!!! A hard reset will erase everything you have on your Treo (excluding what's on the ROM, or what you have on your SD card). Do this only as a last resort and ensure that you have BACKED UP your data beforehand.

    To perform a hard reset, start your reset in any of the ways mentioned above. This time, press and hold down the red phone button until the Palm screen appears. When the Palm screen appears, let go of the red phone button. You will then be prompted (in many languages) to press up to erase all data, or down to abort. You will want to press the UP to complete the Hard Reset. Your Phone will reboot and start up with the Language Selection.

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    I'll try this tommorow, it's pretty late up here
    hope it works

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