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    It is absolutely freaking high time imo!!!

    It is obviously that Palm simply released the 755p with minimal, if non-existant, upgrades only because they had to simply release something to fit their yearly product cycle. It been an interminable 2 years now since they started developing their Palm Linux platform and just as long since Palmsource was acquired by Access. Thus they have had to stretch out the life of Frankengarnet for 2 years now...simply hoping that they can keep the Palmos side alive while still hedging their bets with WM... In the interim they release their final FrankenGarnet device as the 755p which is more of an attempt to standardize design and hardware than anything else.

    So here we have it folks. If the theory is right, this is the last device with the old OS...and not a bit tooo soon either. The REAL Treo upgrade then would have to be the next get Palm Linux based devices hopefully released by the end of 2007 early 2008...the foleo or Treo 900 or whatever... Let's just hope Palm cna finally live up to some expectations for once...
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    Unfortunately, despite being a Palm power-user for over seven years, I have long known that Palm is dead, and have just been waiting for something better to come along. It saddens me that we haven't really seen any software improvements in about five years.

    I really want an iPhone, but I have my doubts about it (at least on this first try), and have a terrible history with ATT/Cingular, but I am looking to upgrade my aging Treo 650 since I'm due for a new contract and NE2 on Verizon. If Verizon offers the 755p by June or July, when my contract is up, I may get it just to keep me from falling into the trap of the iPhone before it's ready for prime time. I can't afford to have my only phone, and my business phone, be something risky, with a provider whose coverage I don't trust. So the 755p seems to be the safest upgrade path. I just wish I didn't feel like I was yet again, two years later, still buying into this dying format.

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