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    In applications, it gives me no options for browser. I use Blazer, and it sometimes acts funny. Is there a way to redownload it? Sprint Palm 700p
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    I am also seeing that I don't have blazer as an option.
    I went into my treo's prefrences panel under default apps and I don't get an option there either.
    what gives? has it ever been there?
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    I just posted a question on their on-line form.
    It was a little frustrating that the one phone # that was on the web site for technical support was to Sprint.
    I almost spit out the coke I was drinking---That is funny! "support" from a Sprint operator.
    ---- Whoops... almost hijacked this thread.
    I will update here if I hear anything on this.

    Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Try looking in Apps for Web.
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    Doh... Nuance.. The company that makes the new $6/month Voice contrl.. Just announced that they are buying Voicesignal, the company that makes Treo Voice Dialing. Voice Signal makes most of the voice dialing apps on Samsung/Sanyo and other cell phones.. too

    Could be a bad thing. Maybe voice dialing will end up being a monthly charge on a lot of new phones coming out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    Interesting first post. Gee, wonder who h/she works for?
    Haha, yeah I noticed that too. Always take a new thread started by a first-time poster with a LARGE grain of salt.

    And....they haven't been back to reply in this thread yet either. Shocker.
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    I received a response this morning concerning my issue with not being able to launcha a web site. Here it is:

    "All the things your talking about are part of the phones internal setup and nothing to do with our application. are you following these instructions and"

    I have read through both of these documents pretty close and I don't see where I am doing anything wrong.
    Oh well, no loss.
    I am deleting this right after I post this.
    I agree that the monthly charge was not worth the novelty.
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