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    I am not sure if this is helpful, but, I get sporadic crashes.. one every two weeks (although a lot less than I used or two per day).
    I don't use the web, nor do I send text too often.
    I don't use many applications (only NVBackup and Noah Pro).
    I don't do soft resets more than once a week (an unscientific experiment to see if that matters).
    In any event, I noticed that there are times when the phone is unresponsive.
    I am not referring to a lag where you press a few buttons and then after a second or two the buttons are acted upon.
    I am referring to no action at all. So, for example, to answer a call, I press the button, nothing happens, I wait and then press the button again.
    This behaviour is 'on and off'. If it happens on one call, it might not happen again for a few more calls (I can't tell since I don't get a lot of calls)
    When this occurs, I noticed that I typically get a crash within an hour.
    I guess the next step in my, very unscientific, experiment is to try a soft reset whenever I get the non-responsive phone application and see if the phone doesn't crash.
    Again, not sure if this helps anyone. In addition, the forthcoming update might cure the crashing problem.
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    As much as you post helpful hints on here, I'm sure you've thought of this, but the only time I get that behavior is when I'm in a borderline signal area, especially in an area where the phone keeps bouncing back and forth between roaming and Sprint. Maybe you're having network problems in your area? You can always experiment and set it for network only. And you only have two apps? No Fontsmoother?
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    Dumb question...what is "network only".
    As to network strength...if that were the case, I'd imagine I would get button delay, when it is searching, as opposed to button unresponsive.
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    Go to phone prefs, roaming prefs, and you can select home network, allow roaming or roaming only. If you select home network only, your phone can't roam and you will get no service when outside your network. Don't know about totally unresponsive buttons....I just know that the times I have significant delays or weird symptoms, I am frequently in an area with borderline network service.
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    I had something similiar (though on a more limited basis) which I found to be because of backgroung apps. I had too many notifications calling for the attention of the OS (snappermail, macroplay, multipul alarms, resconeeews, 4cast...etc), which it should normally do without problems, but I own a 700p so that dream is out the window.
    Don't know if this is your issue, but it's worth a look.
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    key word=Window && S

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