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    dataviz will be releasing docs to go for blackberry-curious will treo users jump ship???
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    Nope and I work in a company that uses a few Blackberry devices. Ben
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    yah- i can't see why really. treo does so much more. with push email available and all with the other things you can do with a treo vs. bb.
    the new bb curve looks like a very cool form factor-but bb devices take many more click to get things done etc.
    appreciate your thoughts.
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    you forgot the built in gps with the 8800 series, so I don't think the Treo offers more. I still have my 700p and I bought an 8800 just one week ago. I have not used my 700p for a week now!! I have not even turned it on. I love the BB, and I don't miss the resets, delays and clumpiness. Don't get me wrong, I loveED my 700p, but when I discovered the bb, well the 700p and me are going through what you call "lets take some time off this relationship and see other devices, we ar enot breaking up we are taking a break"...
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