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    I have downloaded an Mp3 file onto my expansion card, which I can only view through pTunes or the "files" software available on the CD included in my 680 package. I cannot read any of my expansion card files through the Palm “Copy” or “Info” features. The manual directs me to purchase an expansion card reader (any thoughts?) but simply all I want to do is use this Mp3 file as a ring tone. The manual does not walk you through how to add a custom ring tone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Use's a free MP3 ringtone app.
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    I 2nd the Minitones recommendation.

    And the card reader advice is good. They are very cheap and markedly speed up the transfer process.

    Or you can use programs such as Card Reader or Card Export, which make the expansion card in your Treo look like a disk drive, when your Treo is plugged into your PC.

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