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    I'm having an odd problem. I have a Treo 700p (Verizon) and run Palm os on a Mac OSX.

    Lately my hotsync has been skipping calendar entries and address entries.
    This usually occurs after a weekend (when i've made entries into my treo but not synched it.) or sometimes overnight.

    Then i make additional entries (Both on the laptop and on the Treo) and try synching again, and the new entries take, but the old (skipped) entries still don't appear on my laptop but remain on the Treo.

    I'ved tried viewing the log for errors and non appear. I installed and ran dbScan and it came up clean.

    In a word, i'm lost!
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    Ummmm...that's two words

    Have you tried setting the Hot Sync conduits to "Handheld Overwrites Desktop" for the entries you've entered on the Treo?
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    Yep. I did that and the skipped entries do appear... but there must be some other solution besides doing that everytime, right?

    ...And thanks for the word count. Yep. Two words indeed. Shows how lost i am!
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    Yeah...setting the conduits to "Synchronize" should synchronize your entries, no matter where you enter them. Maybe it will work from now on...
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    Yes. i have tried that... but the pattern just repeats itself the next time.

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