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    Anyone having trouble dialing out through the car kit of the Garmin C5xx series of GPS devices? Everything else works perfectly, but when I try to dial out through the GPS, it looks like it "thinks" the call has been transferred, but nothing happens.

    I have a Garming C550 with the latest firmware, and a Treo 650 with the latest firmware. I have a feeling that this is a Treo issue, as I will attempt to make this work later today with a different BT phone.
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    I have a NUVI 360 with the Treo 680. Sometimes the bluetooth works and sometimes it doesn't. It was a neat idea, but Garmin designed the functionality around basic, bluetooth enabled phones, not Palm Os, or Windows Mobile devices.
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    I have the Nuvi 360 as well and just bought the 700wx through Verizon. My connection is intermittent at best. Sometimes it stays on the entire time I am in the car and other times it connects and then disconnects about a minute later. I am hoping there will be a fix with either the Garmin or Treo sometime in the near future.

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