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    I thought would the first to pose this question about battery life. Everyone knows the problems the 680 had and still has with battery life (although mine is getting better). It comes with a 1200mah battery. But the 755p comes with a 1600mah battery, and the unit is .8 ounces lighter than the 680. Several questions pop to mind:

    1) it would nice to hear from users/testers who have or had the 755p what their battery experinces were.

    2) could the batter from the 755p be used in a 680, since they are both the same size of phone?

    Just some food for thought.

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    If you go to Palm's website and click through the option link from the 755p page, it shows that the battery is compatible with the 680 and 750 Treos. I am assuming this is the new 1600 mah battery.
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    However, this review notes that the battery is a little thicker. I know there is that foam pad on the door on my 750. Maybe it will fit with the door a bit more snug:
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    If you look at the picture on Palm's site of the battery you'll see it looks a bit different than the battery that ships with the Treo 755p, the connectors are in different locations . I'll attach a pic of the stock 755p battery.
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    The 755p ends the day at %50 battery life, my 680 ends the day at %30; both with Push email and 20min-1hr of calling per day (depends on the day). Its a better battery, however seems to respond just like the 680 when pushed (meaning that it will drop fast when doing Sprint TV or BT DUN).
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    is the 755p battery bigger (physically) than the 680 battery? will it fit into the back of the 680 and run it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee View Post
    is the 755p battery bigger (physically) than the 680 battery? will it fit into the back of the 680 and run it?
    The 755p's battery is thicker than the 680's, but thinner than the 650/700p's. One of the reviews I read had a pic of the 680 and 755p batteries side by side, but I can't find it now.

    Edit: This isn't the one I was looking for, but you can still see the difference between the two.
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