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    I saw the new ads for the Treo 755 boasting about opening up Microsoft documents with Documents to Go. However, does anyone fully take advantage of Documents to Go on their Treo 700P?

    For me, the lag issue in accessing Docs to Go makes it an impractical option.
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    I don't, it's just easier to do everything on the desktop and sync it over.
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    It would be interesting to hear comments from someone who actively uses Documents to Go on their Treo 700P and how they deal with the lag issues.
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    I use it and don't get lags (other than the half a second, or so, network searching lag). I don't text nor use the internet, so I'm not a good candidate, but DTG works fine.
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    I use Documents To Go quite frequently, actually. As a cargo pilot, I have an Excel spreadsheet that helps me quickly finish my weight and balance calculations. It works well!
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    I have used DTG for viewing Powerpoint shows for college classes in the past.
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    No... I don't.

    Though I upgraded to v8 and then upgraded for free to v9 (oh... it simply worked when I copied the files over and it still does!).

    The lag I can live with, but the screen is simply too small to be of any practical use.
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    I use v9 heavily on my 700P, especially WordToGo for taking notes on major projects. I also store a large number (>300 files) of background information (lists, policies, major memos, powerpoints, pdfs, postings, ...) on my 4 gig SD card. The one part of DocsToGo that I do not use is the buggy desktop transfer client. Instead I use the fool-proof FolderSynch ability of MarkSpace Missing Synch to maintain synchronous files between my laptop and my 700P.
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    Glad to hear all the responses. Personally, I've been using it to for the rather mundane purpose of gas mileage. However, it takes forever to open and close the spreadsheet. I also do have Goodlink and Chatter running in the background, so maybe that's why it's so slow.
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    I use it for my personnel manuals. I use it to take notes in Word in meetings with my Palm keyboard. I have some spreadsheets that I keep in there, but don't really edit those. I am going to use it for a Powerpoint show I just got that I need to study. No lag problems for me, unless you have it set to search for files when it starts.
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    I use it to keep my resume updated and make changes to my workout routine. I don't experience any lags with it.
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    I use DTG 8.003. I setup experiments on excel, hotsync it over, go to the lab and take enormous amounts of data on the Treo, then hotsync back and analyze. Also use it for PDF attachments and files on SD. No issues with long lags here. All this while using versamail as my sole email client on Treo. Lucky I guess.
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    I use Sheet to go extensively. Most notably, I keep expense reports for public speaking and public performance trips. I also maintain my household budget.

    I also keep boilerplate contract agreements, my bio, my resume, etc on the ready.

    If someone called to book me for an event, I could have a customized contract to them in minutes, along with material for their promotions.

    I mostly use Sied for note-taking. But I also get a lot of .doc and .pdf email attachments which I enjoy being able to open while on the go.
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    All the time. Keeps large amount of info I need at my fingertips.
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    I use both WTG and STG occasionally. The only problem I've had (other than a small screen to work with):

    1. WTG doesn't show some graphics, which prevents me from viewing some documents people send me while I'm on the go. Text is fine.

    2. STG has a maximum # of rows. I forget how many, but it isn't much IMHO.

    Oh, and now that I think of it, here's another:

    3. Search (find) feature takes FOREVER. So I don't use it.

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    I use it mostly for viewing docs and spreadsheets. I have done some input on the spreadsheets.
    No problem but I'm not a heavy user.
    good luck

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    I use it almost exclusively as a document viewer for downloaded attachments, etc. I am at a desktop fairly frequently and usually don't need to edit documents on the fly. If I do need to create a simple doc, I have found the built in memo app to be adquate and I will paste and format it when I am at my desktop. Bottom line, its occasionally useful as a bundled app but I wouldn't pay for an upgrade.
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    I use DTG on my 700p and haven't noticed any lag. It takes a few seconds to open larger documents, but I do not think that is due to any inherent lag in the 700p since my 650 behaved similarly. For the most part I use it for viewing but I am fine with editing with it as well.
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    I am an accountant and would love to use Excel to go more but my spreadsheets are way too big and complex to use on a Treo. Some of the lesser formatted ones could be viewed ok but to go through entering all the formulas and formatting i need takes longer than finding a real pc and doing the work there.
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    I use it occasionally, but find myself using proviewer more and more....who knows what the future will hold...?
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