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    I use it heavily for viewing email attachments, and somewhat for creating and/or editing docs (like a spreadsheet of my daughter's swim times).

    My problem, though, is that every time I edit a spreadsheet on the Treo, I get a hotsync error. I then need to rename the document to get rid of the error.
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    Absolutely use it EVERY day for: spreadsheets, contract review, PDF order confirmation, etc. I am using v10, which is marginally better than v9 and way improved over v8. No more lags or resets!

    The only issue with v10, a new one that is actually related to my SDHC card, the DTG desktop manager won't load any additional files on to my 8 GB Transcend card even though it accurately shows 4 GB's available (status listed as 'no room avalable'). Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    Dataviz tech support didn't have a clue and seemed none too impressed when I told them how I got my 700p to accommodate an SDHC card. The rep refused to load the 680 driver on his test unit for troubleshooting.
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    Only a short lag here, when opening or starting a new Doc. But nothing like the usual lag times with SMS, etc.

    Sometimes I'll compose the text of an email, use the spell check in DTG, then copy and paste into my email. Sweet.
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    I also use DTG. At first it was just handy, now though I use it throughout the day and have started moving information from it to HanDBase. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by pool_shark View Post
    I use it to keep my resume updated and make changes to my workout routine. I don't experience any lags with it.
    not to high jack the thread but Im just making sure and not to insult your intelligence but you do know that there are some wicked cool workout/diet tracking programs out there right? Most will also have a desktop client that you can really do some damage with. Graphs, plans, etc.

    Just a FYI.
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    Anyone using Docs To Go 10 notice that opening any Word document, however small or simple or even starting a blank one, takes almost 10 seconds? I was able to open a spreadsheet very quickly, but even starting a new blank Word document takes about 7 seconds.

    Tech support didn't help at all. I like the new version overall but it's too slow to use, anybody have that problem?
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    I use DTG quite a bit, mostly to read Word & pdf attachments on the go. (I'm an assistant superintendent of a public school district, by the way, and frequently out of the office at meetings, etc.)
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    I use DTG every single day as a checkbook register, budget manager, pps reader for crazy email attachments that are pushed through Chatter, and Word and Excel files of various nature. It takes 1 second to open DTG and 1-3 seconds to open any document, depending upon its size.
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    I also always use it view our company manpower matrix, wedding financials, smaller docs...I don't use it to write Pride and Prejudice though.
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    I use it all the time to open email attachements, edit and then email back docs I've editted. ALso, I absolutely depend on powerpoint slide feature to study my various powerpoint study guides I have installed...
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    I use Docs to Go quite a bit. Reading while on a plane and viewing docs in email.
    Also use a MacBook Pro traveling on location I would send Word docs from laptop to Treo with bluetooth and use Docs and snapper to email the notes out.
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    use it all the time...
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    I use it regularly for viewing/sending pdf files; however it is sloooooow when going from one page to another.
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    I use it regularly. I also agree it is slow with PDF files, especially large ones. I haven't decided if the Ver. 10 upgrade is worth it. I use office 2007 on my home computer and laptop,, but still have to save in the .doc format for compatibility with my office PC and others, so I'm not sure what I would get with the new version.
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    It is a helpful app for viewing downloaded documents away from the desktop and I would use it more often except for when I sometimes go to view a doc, I get an annoying message--

    "DTG has detected a previous version installed. For more information visit:"

    There I found the documentation to try and eliminate the error message, including using the the DataVizTechTool as a first level fix.

    It usually results in having to reinstall DTG again from the desktop, then all works well for a while.

    It is a registered version (8.003) and I have not been able to nail down when and where the error gets created or how to stop it from happening.

    Apparently it happens to others too or there would not be a help screen on DataViz to fix it.... problem is, it does not fix it PERMANENTLY!

    Any help appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
    I saw the new ads for the Treo 755 boasting about opening up Microsoft documents with Documents to Go. However, does anyone fully take advantage of Documents to Go on their Treo 700P?

    For me, the lag issue in accessing Docs to Go makes it an impractical option.
    I utilize it more for reference purposes, than actually creating or making changes in documents.

    It's VERY nice to be able to refer to documents on that. =)
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    My documents to go got up and went.
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    I use it all the time! No lags here
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