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    I am a brand new Treo user.
    I went from the regular clamshell handset,
    to finally upgrading to a more sophisticated phone.
    I needed it.
    All of the apps,
    the organization,
    media usage,
    email, sms, etc.

    Well, as I said,
    I'm new.
    I just got my 700p through Sprint,
    and am still under my 30 days.
    I paid $200 for my 700p,
    which means I'd need to pay the $80 difference for the 755p.
    Will I?...
    Most likely.
    Why? ...
    Why not? Sure, there aren't many improvements,
    but there ARE improvements, period.
    For being so new, its not a big deal to me.
    I'll fork out the $80 for the more stable palm.
    Well, at least so I hope.
    Even with the MR patch coming out,
    I think the 755p would just be more convenient for me.
    It's new, flashy, has some bugs fixed, and plus -
    I love the Maroon.

    My question is this:
    I have NVBackup installed currently,
    and keep a regular backup every night.
    Can I take that,
    pop it into the new 755p,
    [I know, it has MiniSD, instead of the standard SD of the 700p,
    but, assuming I transfer the file folder itself first, lol.]
    and have everything I have now?

    Just a question.
    Take care.

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    If I had a 700p I wouldn't g et a 755p. I couldn't justify spending any more money on practically the same device. The MR for the 700p will take care of the software issues for the most part.

    By the way,
    no offense, but
    why keep skipping
    to the next line?
    I don't get it.
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    i think he/she meant it as a poem??
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    i think he/she meant it as a poem??
    An instant classic!
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    I would never "upgrade" to the 755p cause I have a 8 gb sdhc card that I have no interest in giving up. My Treo 700p is going to stay with me for a while I guess.

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