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    Does anyone out there know of a program that will allow me to transfer text from Word or Notepad to my Visor? Or, transfer text document from PC to palm app such as CSPOTRUN or MobileDB? Thanks
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    Try DocReader by Mike Pickering. Besides letting you read doc files (.pdb) on your PC, it allows you to load a .txt file and save it as a .pdb doc file that you can then sync to your Visor. Plus it's free
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    You can try Aportis doc
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    thanks for all your responds but I've downloaded iSilo-free instead. I find this program to be very versatile. It can convert most document and txt files in addition to html pages.
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    depending on what you're using it for sometimes the simplest thing is just to cut and paste the text into memos, if you're running outlook, then they show up as notes.
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    InstallBuddy is a useful tool for transfering info. to a Palm. It can automatically convert various document types into a Palm readable format.

    To name but a few:
    TXT files can be converted to Palm Doc
    HTML files can be converted to iSilo
    MS Doc can be converted to converted to either iSilo or Palm Doc

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