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    She has a Cingular 650, and likes Palm OS. (Her contract just ended).

    I was thinking about giving her either a red Treo 680 or the standard 700p.

    I have read some people say to avoid both and that neither are as good as a 650.

    Any thoughts on which way to go? (GSM vs. CDMA is not a factor)
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    I have no experience with a 700p, but was looking to upgrade because I was getting tired of the 650. Apparently the 650 has better battery life, etc. Some keyboard buttons have moved. Check out Dialbyphoto. Great program that has me not wanting to upgrade anytime soon.
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    I love my 680 and a Crimson would have been a great Mother's Day gift if I didn't already have a Graphite.

    It's nice to see there are other father's out there that don't think Mother's Day gifts should only be from the kids... Guys, show your appreciation to your wives for the hard work and time she gives to raise your children. I'm sure she loves her noodle necklaces and pasta art to death. But, a thoughtful gift from you would be much appreciated also...
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    I second the vote for a Crimson 680 Christina is spot-on.

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