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    Ripped from SD:

    Shipping start from $5

    Only $178 for the PalmŪ GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition 2 after $71 instant & $50 mail-in rebate! (originally $299)

    Is this any good?
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    Its a good software dont know anything about that BT GPS receiver in particular.

    I just bout the globalsat BT 338 a week ago for $120 and tomtom 6 for $150.. So essentially you are getting Tomtom 6 which is $150 program with a $30 BT GPS unit.

    I would look at some reviews of the BT GPS unit but from the looks of it looks like a great deal.
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    thanks... this is an good price since semson and gpsbuy have this for about 180 + shipping wihtout the SD card. I'm looking to buy a similar pkg w/ gps data logger

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