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    I did a quick search and didn't find a good answer. Is there a decent alternative to TomTom that will work with my Seidio GPS unit?

    Here is my problem. I had Navigator 5 as an upgrade for the last few years. During last 6 month, my Treo 650 was lost and I paid for a replacement. Then it was replaced twice due to bad phones Cingular sent me under warranty. So, I had to call TomTom each time to ask for an activation code which took 1-3 weeks to get them. They asked for a receipt, etc. to prove I had a new phone.

    I just upgraded to Treo 680, a used one from someone so no receipt, so as usual, I asked for an activation code. Now they can't find my product code, which I used to get last 3 activation codes, and they are asking me to send the copy of the receipt of the original Navigator 5, the disc 1, the product code, the receipt from original phone and the new phone.

    So, I called up to see if I can speed things up. They are telling me that the licence for TomTom is for one phone only and if I lost my phone, or if the phone broke, it's my fault and the software should not transfer to a new phone. Hmm, I am thinking that this is going to be big hassle. Then they get on the phone a few minutes later and say Navigator 5 is not compatible with Treo 680. I was able to load the whole thing and only thing I need was the activation code. They said, I need to buy Navigator 6. Ok, so I get online and try to buy it from them and the web site doesn't work for me to purchase (useing a Mac with Safari). That was the last straw.

    I have never had to do so much for a $150 software before. I mean I used Adobe suites that costs 10x and had less hassle to transfer ownership and get support than this piece of software.

    So, what alternatives are out there? Anything with less hassle? Thanks in advance.

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    That sucks. You should be able to upgrade form 5 to 6 for a discount. But tomtom is the best I have tried out so far.
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    That really does suck. Unfortunately, TomTom is as well known for their poor customer service as they are for their software. If there was anything else...

    I switched TomTom 5 from my Palm T3 to my Treo 680 and it worked fine. I then upgraded to TomTom 6 for $55.95 US. However I don't know whether that was a time-limited offer. In each case, all I had to do was provide my product code. Even switching machines.

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    It sounds like maybe you need to call again.. I've had times from various companies where I'll get a BS answer out of one person and the expected answer out of another. Just depends on who you call and if you're interrupting their lunch or something I think.
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    Wow! Sorry to read your nightmare story. I have been interested in potentially installing a GPS device into my 700p, but have read too many conflicting reports. For now, I'm sticking with my stand-alone Garmin 360 portable GPS until I'm more sure of things.
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    Thanks everyone for the info. What sucks is that they won't give me the activation code for the Navigator 5 because they say Treo 680 is not supported. I told him it's working fine but he won't give it to me. I may call back and try to talk to someone else.

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