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    Here's my problem - I'm trying to get my Gmail on multiple machines (2 computers and a Treo), so I decided the Web browser and Gmail Treo app were the simplest way. I had POP access through Snappermail when it was only the Treo and a laptop, but with 3 machines it became impossible.

    I'm using the Gmail autoforward to send my Treo an SMS text whenever a message comes in. Call it the poor-man's push e-mail. It's fine for me - i can see if someone sent me a message and reply through the Gmail app when I want.

    BUT - I'm tired of the 6am reply waking me up. I want to set the Treo to silent for my normal sleep hours. I just can't find a way to do it.

    I have a Treo 700p on Sprint's network.

    I tried a server-side setting, but I can't find anything on the Sprint website.

    I tried Schedulecare and Profilecare, but for some reason it puts my Treo into a reset loop. After several tries, I got tired of that and deleted it. Never found a fix.

    I tried Profiles 1.02t, but it apparently doesn't work with the 700p.\

    I tried Ringprofiles 1.4, but it doesn't seem to do what I want. I have it set to SMS silent for one profile, but it still vibrates whenever an SMS message is waiting. It's the Alert Manager warning me about the unread message, and I can't figure out how to silence the Alert Manager in Ringprofiles. I have Messaging and System set to OFF with no vibrate, but if the Treo is in vibrate mode, the Alert Manager still vibrates it.

    Anyone have any thoughts?


    Matt Streger
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    Have you tried CrazyAlarms by Toysoft? It worked for me, but Toysoft Apps are really buggy for me, so I took all my Toysoft apps off.
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    you could use battery dr or phone technician to turn the phone off at a given time and turn it back on at a given time automatically. Then when it does turn on you will get the message.
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    Profiles 1.04t (updated for the 680/700P) has been working on my Sprint 700P and I've been using it for the same reason.
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