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    I would like to built some nice home screen with Goodlink plugin support. I have a Samsung I600 so I'm talking of Smartphone windows mobile home screens.

    The Goodlink plugin rely on the sysplug.dll to cal mail and calendar feature but unfortunately there is not any documentation that explained extra feature like positioning and formatting parameters that can be passed to the plugin i.e.

    This is the standard plugin request in the default home screen. Could it be that it can only requested the font size? (any x,y position on the screen, alignment, etc?):

    <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{4065747E-5697-4370-883F-4FB60002D0C2}" name="GoodCalendarPlugin" height="29" font-size="14">

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    at least a negative answer?
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    Isnt anyone interested in having some nice home screen well integrated with the good link plugin?
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    Have you tried contacting GOOD directly at their website?
    If it's not documented anywhere it's likely to be "reserved" for their use... try sending the GOOD guy that hangs out here a PM. No responses doesn't mean people don't want this, it's more than likely they have no idea about the solution.;
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    we do not provide any documentation on specific dll. I would take a look at as many Moto Q users have developed homescreens. You may find info there.
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    I have tried contacting Good and received any reply.

    GoodGuy we are all stuck at the same point, too bad for the Goodlink client for windows smartphone... it wont have any custom made home screen.

    thanks anyway

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