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    Is this possible on the 680? I'm using zlauncher, but I can't get it to load when I press the HOME button. Is there a fix to this?
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    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    thanks, too bad nothing freeware.
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    In ZLauncher Options->ZL Preferences->General Tab, check the Default Launcher option. On my 680, this makes ZLauncher the default launcher that comes up when I press the Home button.

    If it doesn't work, maybe something else is interfering.

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    Though it's not freeware, I love it... I use MegaLauncher [the newest version, which has a patch to intercept the Home button on the 680 and up - as well as a bunch of new features including weather and a really neat "Home" page with customizable quicklaunch and plugins (like the weather plugin) support] It's only $20, but it does a lot of neat things besides changing the interface, such as adding a really decent file manager to the interface, sound management, multimedia and communications managers, FTP manager, Reader manager, Image manager, Trash manager, Archive manager, Backup manager and a Search manager - most of which are very decently implemented]. It has a bunch of really nice themes, allows up to 5 status icons in the view window, 4 status areas on the top (battery, connection, memory, SD Card, Time, Date, etc), appointment area, quicklaunch area and numerous toolbars of which I have only played with some of the basic ones (each being configurable). It also allows file compression, archive compression, deleted file archiving and compression, memory compression, and the ability to move many apps to an SD card to be run there to save on system memory (which hasnt been an issue for me with the 680, but was on the 650). It is drag-n-droppable between window panes/toolbars/file manager, and has a lot of options for any icon, file or picture that can be accessed by clicking on and holding the item.

    Just my two cents. Dunno how it stacks up against ZLauncher, but after trying the trial version I decided to by MegaLauncher, so I dont think I will be switching anytime soon unless someone here can tell me their experiences and why they prefer ZLauncher.

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    Kinda Off Topic, but related to my earlier suggestion of using MegaLauncher to intercept the Home button:

    Ooops... one thing I forgot, but truly love about MegaLauncher is that in the "Today View" mode (which is the one with the QuickLaunch, Status View, Widgets, etc) is that things like battery, memory, contrast and (most importantly) connection strength can all be represented as percentages.

    It actually seems to know what the connection strength is (thus not requiring another tool to figure out something more than 0-5 bars). From the incremental percentages I have seen so far, I'd say unless it is making up the numbers, it must be polling something on the phone for actual values - I've gotten 20%, 22%, 25%, 29%, 32%, 42% in the last few minutes of wandering around inside with my phone - which seems to be far more accurate than the (I would expect) 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100% that I would expect the bars represent.
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