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    Frustrating! When I am in the app, I click on the advanced button and I get a soft reset. I also notice while in the app, at the top of the screen it says my version is "expired." I know I paid for this app, back when it wasn't a standalone (i.e. paired w/YAHM). How do I register for this new version? I keep getting resets! argh.


    Edit: Now every time I go into my SMS inbox, I get a reset too! Help!
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    Well. I've been struggling for a week or so with resets in the mornings, only when going into Versamail. The only thing I had added were some fonts for Fontsmoother made with Easyconvert. The symptoms were that every morning the Versamail accounts would develop a lag as each page opened, instead of the usual situation where the emails would appear on the screen almost simultaneously. Frequently I would get resets when I opened VM or when I manipulated some of the emails. One way I could get rid of the problem was to delete all the emails in the inbox on the device. When new ones came in, the problem didn't appear to be there and as the day went on, the problem would disappear until the next morning. This morning, remembering the new fonts, I just turned off Fontsmoother 2.00 and the lag in VM immediately disappeared. With a little more exploration, it appears that one font I made (arial 10) that I was using in the email app was causing the lag; when I switched to another font I made at the same time, the lag disappeared. I think we're onto something here....
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    bump. anyone?
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    #4 fine for me...been using it since launch. I use it for chatteremail and blazer, that is it, no slowdowns in use or in palm internals...I use it combined with fonts4os5, I wonder if that is the diff
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    Have you contacted the developer? He does do correspondence. Ben
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    In my case, it clearly was related to just the one font. I've used the software for a long time, and just decided to make two sizes of two new fonts (arial and comic sans, 9 and 10). Only the arial 10 caused the crashes. The other 3 fonts work fine. Very easy to check; I just turned it off, didn't remove it or even do a soft reset, and it immediately cured itself. I have emailed the developer....
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    There was one release a few months ago that had a bad font. The last two have been stable on my device. Ben
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    it was resetting mine too because my registration was expired too. After I uninstalled it I paid for it and installed again and it worked without resetting. I would try to get a new registration pdb. Good luck.

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