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    For the last few weeks I've been having a lot of trouble with my Sprint data connection: can't surf the web from multiple locations where it used to work, email (Chatter) gets into an infinite loop trying to send or recieve email (killing the battery). My wife has a 650 too... same issues. Meanwhile phone calls are fine.

    Just got off the phone with Sprint and they said they're starting to get these reports from multiple states (I was the first from CO... yay ). Anybody else seeing this? I thought I'd mention it here (instead of the Sprint group) because I saw several posts here that could be related (e.g., sudden severe battery drains, phone not turning on, etc).

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    Not that I've noticed (yet, anyway). However, I heard the Sprint stores in the Cincinnati area were having some severe communication problems (i.e., computer problems) lately and these problems may be plaguing the call-in support centers, too.

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