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    I did ##786# to see my data usage. I clicked "Ok" when done, but now I can't shut my phone off! It says "Your system is currently running a ## command. You must stop it or reset your device before powering off."

    If I re-enter ##786#, I go back to the RTN stuff, but I don't see a way to "stop" this command, clicking "OK" takes me back to the phone application but I still can't shutoff my phone without resetting it. Is this normal?
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    That's unusual and is not normal.

    If your phone went into a test mode, the option you have is soft reset. Do you have a current backup?
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    Like I said, without doing a soft reset. Or is that the only way?
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    Once you soft reset it, the phone app doesn't return to normal? A soft reset is no big deal unless you have to do it everytime you have to use the phone. It's the hard reset that's not much fun...
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    I forget the last time I synced but it wasn't that long ago. Fortunately a soft reset seems to have done the trick.

    I retried ##768# and shutting off the phone, and now it was fine. I'm not sure what happened the first time.

    One other question... I suppose Reset should reset my usage data, but it asks me for a "Master Subsidy Lock"... What is that? Is that how I'm supposed to reset the data? I'd like to track my data usage for a month and see how much I use.
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    The MSL #, is what the phone company uses to change info/data. Some employees will give you the #, but be cautious what you do, your phone can stop working.
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