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    I'm a modest Treo user--modest in that I use only a few essential 3rd party apps. My Treo, until I hard-resetted yesterday had: Versamail (not in ROM in a VZW 700p, must be installed after-the-fact although I know it is a Palm app,) Profiles 1.02t, NVBackup, YAUC, Avantgo, and that's it. My Treo began to have massive lag so I did the hard reset and things are back to "only" a little lag and I'd like to keep it that way, so I have a general question about the two apps I really need: Versamail and Profiles.

    First, has it been completely established that Versamail causes lag? Second, has anyone had stability issues with Profiles 1.02t? If I abolutely have to buy Chattermail for $40 and ProfileCare for $20, then so be it, I'll suck it up and buy they. But I'm perfectly happy with Versamail. In every other Palm I've had, Versamail was a stability nightmare--always resetting. But in the 700p, it seems they have a reliable one. The only problems I have are with deleting old mail--after I do it I get an error and must simply go back into it--and saving mail to my IMAP sent folder (just doesn't work.) So I hate to spend $40 to replace a Palm free app, with a 3rd party app when it seems that 3rd party apps are what we're all trying to avoid!

    Then there is the free and very effective Profiles 1.02t. I love it. It works--it does exactly what I need and it is free! I have it turn off my phone every day at 8:15 (my office has NO reception so my battery would be dead by the end of the day.) I then have it turn my phone back on at 5:30. I use it at night to dim and silence my Treo until I wake up. That's all I do with it. Is this possibly causing any problems?

    And what about Avantgo, NVBackup and YAUC? Any thoughts on those? Such a bummer that we have to be so careful to the point of paranoia!
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    I've had Versamail installed since I got the phone, and although I don't use it extensively (probably once a week) it hasn't caused any crashes nor do I have a huge lag. Many people have noticed lag issues with Versamail installed, just search the forum, but not everyone. If it works for you, go with it.
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    Profile is your problem. Its a hack. The 700p does not play well with most any program the runs in the back ground (hacks).
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    I currently use Profiles, VM, Avantgo, & NVBackup, among other apps, on my 700P - minimal lag since the beginning. Profiles has some features that are buggy - I use it only for scheduling profiles and calendar integration for meetings (my favorite feature). I don't use it for radio on/off - I use TreoAlarm (also free) for that. No issues. YMMV.
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    I did the "how to speed up your treo" instructions the first time I tried it I messed up the vera mail sync thing. This second time I did it wow the 700p is almost as fast as the 650.

    So without a doubt versa mail causes the majority of the lag, the main improvement I have seen without versa mail is opening the phone app, before I would hit the phone key the dial pad would show up and it would take a good 3-5 seconds for "sprint" to appear and me being able to do anything, and now its literally instant but still not as quick as the 650's.

    I still get lag when leaving large applications, I still get SMS lockup and I still have bluetooth trouble..

    But I have the following set up now that makes my phone almost as fast as the 650.

    1. Google maps
    2. Chatter mail
    3. TomTom6
    4. Obfuscate (to hide versa mail and other anoying apps)
    5. CotoGPS
    6. Slingplayer
    7. Ringo
    8. Volume care
    9. Documents to get full.

    and I am probably forgetting a few apps.

    But this is now day 5 and my phone is still quick.
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    Versamail does NOT cause a lag. Regardless of what happened with prior versions on prior Treos, VM works great on the 700p. I did develop bugginess and a slight lag with VM, and it turned out to be due to a Fontsmoother font I was using in the app. Switched to a different font and it works like a dream. I've been using it for 10 months with no lag whatsoever except for several days until I figured out the problem.

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