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    I had to exchange my treo yesterday because it just kept cycling the access screen over and over. I have tried a cradle reset and many hard resets with no luck. My concern is that the hard reset didn't work and the Sprint tech worker will be able to have access to my information. Does anyone know if the hard resets will erase the data while the access screen just keeps looping over and over? My important numbers and credit card info is in splashid password protected.
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    I'd say the answer (sad to say) is impossible to determine whether all the data is really gone.
    Many computers, thought to be wiped clean, had information retrieved.
    Easy your credit card companies, ask them to send you new cards, they will.
    Change your password.
    If you are really paranoid, contact Experian, TRW or the other credit bureau and have them put you on 'fraud alert'. This is a special designation where no credit information can be released by them (assuming someone was trying to apply for credit using your name) without a phone call to you so you can authorize the release of the information.
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