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    I am a committed 600 user - or was until I can no longer find refurbished ones here in the UK.
    Tried the 750 and just could not hack it at all! So now I am waiting delivery of a 680.
    Looking through the forum on things to expect, I see no mention of Graffiti Anywhere - can it be used on the 680??

    Thanks, Hal
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    Apologies - I have just found a post on the very subject saying that Graffiti Anywhere can be used.
    I do not see a way to completely delete a message once posted though...

  3. #3's nice that you took the initiative to keep searching for a fix for your problem instead of just waiting around for an answer. Welcome to the forum!
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    I'm a Palm user from way back who never wanted a thumbboard to enter text, just a phone with Palm and graffiti - I know - geezer - I just like using a stylus and hate the Windows mobile interface (loathe Outlook) and love the simple interface of Palm Desktop - (am I the only one?). I used to have one of the those early Treos with just Graffiti and liked it but it wasn't color - too bad.

    Anyway, every once in a while someone like me asks the Graffiti question about the Treo 680 so here's my solution. Get Jot. I forget where I got it but it says it expires after 5 days but mine kept working. It allows you to use the Graffiti 1 letters that I used to use on early Palms. It's worked better for me than all the other graffiti programs. You can use the stylus to click a box (a time in the calendar for example) and then write on the screen in Graffiti 1.

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