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    My wife and I both have 700p's (Verizon). I have no problem sending and receiving picture mail but she cannot send or receive it. Everytime she sends a pic it tells her that a communication error has occurred, and she does not get any of the pics I send to her.

    The only difference b/w our phones is that I have unlimited data and she has no data package. Would this have anything to do with it? Verizon tech support said no and I am trying to get them to figure this out but so far have not been succesful. After my last call to them I sent a pic to my wife and she gets a text message that gives her a link to a website in order to view the pic. I guess at least she's getting a message now but why does it tell her to visit a website to retrieve the pic? My pics load right up in the message itself when received. She can send and receive regular text messages just fine.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!
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    As far as I know when you get a picture on your treo you have to visit the link to see it.. If anyone can figure out how to make it show up in your message without having to go to the site and view it let me know.

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