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    OK, this is somewhat complicated. I'm looking for a Hack, that will let me select a list of programs, that when attempted to run, the user is prompted with a password box. I need this to keep friends out of games, and to password protect my mail app. It can work wit ha catagory to. I just want to feel safe, letting my friends use my Vsr for 5 minutes, I dont' want him/her going through parts of my personal life etc..

    Any suggestions?
    -Michael Ducker
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    Originally posted by miradu2000
    I dont' want him/her going through parts of my personal life etc..

    Any suggestions?
    Ummm... don't let 'em use your Visor?!?!
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    There's a PalmOS app called Invisible. I don't know if this works on the Visor. I have no need for it. It apparently hides selected icons, and restores their visibility after a soft reset (toggle.) This may not serve the ultimate purpose, but it comes close. I suspect experienced users may wonder why you don't have a default mail app (for example) on your Visor, but what the hey.
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    I've wanted the same functionality too, if only to avoid explaining why I have more games than productivity apps on my VDX. Plus, I hate handing control of my PC/VDX to someone who may well uninstall or otherwise mess with my programs and data inadvertantly. Admittedly, this is harder on the Palm OS. Still, I wonder if they could build this into PDABomb (since I registered and don't want to have to buy something else)? Sounds simple to be able to hide certain programs or even just categories when you toggle the security level with the SH Changer DA, for example (though I betray my vast ignorance of actual coding for Palm OS - I'm just a power junkie!)
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    Still, I wonder if they could build this into PDABomb (since I registered and don't want to have to buy something else)?
    Some of these capabilities will be included to the next PDABomb version. Since you are registered you will received notification about new version.
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    check palmgear for an app called KidPalm or KidLock or Kid* and get everything with the word Kid in it....

    it's software that allows you to protect certain apps on your visor from your kids...but miradu is about the age of the people this app is designed to protect against!

    i'll try doing a search and i'll post a link....

    there you go!
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    I think that Commander might do what you need. I tried it & couldn't stand the interface.
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    Kidpilot /me no like. I want something that integrates in. Not a replacement launcher. Just a hack that I can run.. Maybe I'll have to write it myself this summer
    -Michael Ducker
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    I'm using Commander to aacomplish this. I didn't want a replacement launcher either. However, I've gotten used to this one, and now I even like it better than the standard. I put everything I don't want others to see or use into a category called Private, then hide the category. When I select show, I am prompted to enter my password. It would be easy to just have a password prompt as you suggest, but if something isn't seen on the launcher, I don't have to answer the annoying "Why is this asking for a password..." when deigning to let others use my Visor.

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    A hack called MouseTrap, locks up Palm to the current app,
    unless a correct password is entered. =) You think that
    might help? =) I found it in PalmGear.

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    Launcher III allows you to hide a complete tab of icons with one click. This might solve part of the problem.
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    Well, it's not as good as password protecting, but it's really easy, and relys on the NONknowledge of others.

    1. Use invisible to hide the programs that you don't want seen.

    2. Use a hack (like McPhling) That allows you to make a popup menu of programs, based on a stroke in the graffiti area.

    Now, my icons are hidden, and people don't know to to the right swipe to get my "favorites" menu to poppu with all the hidden programs.

    It's not passworded, btu it works well.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I think I've found exactly what you want... =)
    It's a hack, it locks/hides apps individually by a password,
    only appears when user try to launch the locked apps. Apps
    can still be accessed using strokes or other popup menus
    when it's hidden. That sounds about right? good,
    here you are.

    I couldn't find it at PalmGear, some user posted it in a
    similar discussion at another website( as an
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    And it's not a Virus

    let's see how cool it is.. I'll post tommorow about it.

    it won't dl
    -Michael Ducker
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    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    What HandSpring device was everyone using with Invisible? On PalmGear's download page it states that it doesn't work with "Visors" (not sure what that means) but says it does work with the Prism. I could not get it to work on my Platinum (marked applications as hide, nothing happened). Just wondering if it is the program or me.
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    Okay, it wasn't Invisible and it wasn't me. I am running Silver Screen 1.9.5. When I turned Silver Screen off, the applications that I had hidden disappeared. When I turned Silver Screen back on, they reappeared. Case solved.
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