i just got this from blue nomad:

Dear WordSmith user:

While WordSmith's introduction has established it as the most full-featured word processor for the Palm OS, users weren't able to print the rich documents they created from their Palm....until now. Bachmann Software has adapted PrintBoy, the most popular printing software for the Palm OS, to support the Rich Text File format(RTF) of WordSmith. The newest release of PrintBoy Documents allows you to print WordSmith documents without losing the bold, italic and multiple sized fonts, as well as underlined and indented text.

With WordSmith and PrintBoy Documents, you can produce documents suitable for even the most scrutinizing audience.

Bachmann Software has also just introduced the InfraReady Adapter ($55.99), which allows the road warrior to convert any printer to infrared. With the InfraReady Adapter, mobile users can be assured of the ability to "beam" their documents to the most important printer of all....the one right in front of you.

What's more, Bachmann Software has agreed to offer PrintBoy Documents to Blue Nomad customers for $5.00 off their regular price (regularly $19.99).

Simply click on the attached link, http://www.bachmannsoftware.com/bnmd
and start printing term papers, articles, letters, etc. This offer ends on April 30, 2001. So don't wait to get your discounted copy of PrintBoy and turn your word processor into your own handheld publishing suite.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Blue Nomad Team